SHRINK SLEEVE Labeling Services

OPTeam GSE makes your life easier by offering you complete shrink sleeve labeling services so you can create packaging that stands out from other products on the market. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and are committed to helping you with your labeling project from start to finish. Our qualified staff provides you with expertise and optimal labeling solutions for any project.

Sleeve labeling has become a major marketing tool in different packaging categories. Full body heat shrink labeling using steam heat allows for complete container coverage using a single label. Our commitment to creating exceptional packaging, investing in precision equipment and ongoing training of our staff is why we are the resource you need for your projects.
– Safety seals will allow easy opening and maximize security;
– There are different types of seals, such as: horizontal, vertical and T-perforated.

Why choose Opteam GSE:

– fixed price, for forecasting and profit estimation;
– conveniently located for economical pickup and delivery;
– eliminate the need to purchase equipment/machinery;
– eliminate the need to train and supervise employees in order to use the machines;
– we facilitate communication between graphics and print;
– we offer advice on the choice of containers through our collaborations with internal and
external manufacturers of packaging and accessories;
– reduce expertise for future projects, including mockups, samples and counseling;
– sleeve labels are durable and perfect for products that encounter moisture or friction,
they are printed on the inside.

From design to printing to manufacturing, our team offers complete shrink labeling services that can meet your project needs.

Practice applications – BODY SLEEVE