OPTeam GSE began its activity in 2021 by implementing a new concept for the European market.

With its team of professionals, OPTeam GSE offers services suitable for every industry including: shrink sleeve label applicators, security seal applicators, steam
tunnels, electrical tunnels and conveyor belts.

OPTeam GSE started with labeling services for its customers. This includes labelling, taping, sealing and packaging goods in accordance with hygiene and quality procedures. By continuing to grow and expand its business every year, OPTeam GSE is able to serve both the domestic and international markets and offer flexible solutions for each client’s needs.

The first and most important objective is to offer its customers high quality production at low costs, with special attention to their needs and requirements.

Advantages of the SHRINK SLEEVE Label:

– 360° display of artwork and text, shrink sleeve labels give product aesthetic appeal and marketing exposure. Thus, they conform to the package’s unique shapes, maximizing branding opportunities;

– They can display the product inside using clear windows and are ideal for containers with unusual shapes that distinguish the product on the shelf;

– State-of-the-art print quality;

– Reverse printing protects the ink from scratches and wear while maintaining a high gloss finish;

– Top to bottom coverage capability;

– Safety seals will allow easy opening and maximize security;

– There are different types of seals such as: horizontal, vertical and T-punched.

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Practice applications – BODY SLEEVE

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